Gentle Yoga: Gentle Morning
Alana Mitnick

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Loved that Alana thank you , but a question , found the plough very difficult ( I am 69 a beginner ) didn’t want to force the move , is that ok ?
Hi Soozi, Great question... you are wise, never force. Trust your body. Instead of plough, I suggest  simply stretching your legs up for a gentle inversion. My favorite thing to do is to bring a strap/belt around the soles of the feet and stretch the leg up towards the sky. It's lovely stretch for the hamstrings and release for the lower back, and doesn't put any pressure on the cervical spine. Please let me know how this works for you. Enjoy! Love, Alana
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Felt calm and refreshed after the class.
Roslyn, What a wonderful feeling... to be calm and refreshed! Yoga is medicine. Thank you for being here! Love, Alana 
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I loved how you said “It takes time to let go.” So true. Thank you for sharing your practice with me. Sincerely, Anda
Thank you, Anda! Grateful to be on this path of Yoga and self awareness together. Namaste xoA
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When I I have to get to work and think I "don't have time" to practice yoga, wonderful short practices like this one save the day. Thanks, Alana.
Lori, Exactly... Yoga to the rescue! So lovely to practicing together in all shapes, forms, and dimensions. Wishing you a deeply restful and nourishing weekend. XoA
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So relaxing but made me feel focused, grounded and energized. Loved it
Wonderful, Karen! I love this combination... relaxed, focused, grounded and energized. Nice work! Love, Alana 
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