Gentle Yoga: Gentle Morning
Alana Mitnick

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This is a my calming into early evening practice 💖 Love this so much—and marked as a fav. Wonderful. Thank you for leading us! Namste💕
Wonderful, Sharon! So delighted to be practicing together! I find that having an evening self care routine is so essential for my peace of mind. Enjoy and namaste! Love, Alana 
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Beautiful practice, feel full of positivity for the day ahead - thank-you x
Lovely, Victoria B! Thank you for joining me in Yoga. May your day unfold with ease, clarity, and steady energy. Love, Alana 
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Sooo nice practice, sweet, gentle and soft. Loved it! thank you Alana.
Wonderful, Penélope A. So glad you enjoyed this gentle practice. May your practice bring a sense of  ease and spaciousness to  your day. Love, Alana 
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Nice combination of poses ☺️🙏
So glad you enjoyed this practice, Susan R! Love, Alana 
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