The Zoe and Coco Show: Yoga Playtime<br>Zoe Ho

The Zoe and Coco Show: Yoga Playtime
Zoe Ho

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Sharon H
Great overall practice personalizing as you go. Thanks!
Zoe Ho
Hi Sharon,

Great to hear! You are most welcome and glad you enjoyed the personalized options. Thanks for connecting in!

Zoe & Coco :))
Richard P
The first intro really cracked me up lovely a much needed release , and that dog but then something happened , ah well ..
Zoe Ho
Hi Richard,

Glad you had a good laugh! I'm not sure what you mean by "something happened". Let me know if I can be of assistance :)

Namaste, Zoe
Richard P
You seemd to start of in a devil may care atitude and suddenley it was if you started to censor yourself it was the intial WTF that I had to think about and then there was the stuff about bodies great I thought keep it up but suddenly it felt as if you were going into Yoga teacher mode in front of camera and audience .
Clair Summer
You are literally my favourite yoga teacher ever! You are a goddess! May all your dreams come true.
Zoe Ho
Hi Clair Awww thank you, namaste! May all your dreams come true too, fellow goddess :) We are all perfect, whole and complete... thank you for practicing together! xo
Simon ?
Bless you Zoe and Coco, it really is lovely to connect with you. Thank you for being so sweet and kind. Namaste Holly (Simon's beloved)
Zoe Ho
Thank you Holly (and Simon) - much love to you both too! Wonderful to hear from you, and so happy you are enjoying the practice :)
Kate C
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I loved this practice today, and Mishy, my cat, could not take his eyes off Coco! Thank you both for a lovely session.
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