Welcome to Meditation: Facial Relaxation Meditation<br>Kira Sloane

Welcome to Meditation: Facial Relaxation Meditation
Kira Sloane

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Jenny S
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Whoa...so relaxing...almost hypnotic 🤤
Kira Sloane
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Hi Jenny! LOVE!
Kate M
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Soooo relaxing. And synchronous with the theme of a class I teach this Wednesday : ) Myofascial release focused on the neck and face! Just love the focused themes you explore in these videos, Kira. So nourishing and helpful.
Kira Sloane
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Hi Kate, I look forward to hearing how your class goes. xok 
Marina N
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Love this, Deal Kira❤️ please do more of this Body conzetrated Meditations
Kira Sloane
Marina, we will! Season 2 in process now. xok
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Kira! I really liked this meditation! Kind regards!
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Kira Sloane That was fun... and sweet ... thank you. Hope you are well...
Kira Sloane
Jillian, LOVE! Thank you for saying hi. xok
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These short sessions are perfect! I've committed to sit for at least 10 minutes a day this year, and these exercises are so helpful. Thank you, Kira!
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