60 Minute Yoga Flows: All-Around Flow
Sarah Beston

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What a beautiful and playful flow! I loved all of the transitions from crescent and the cosmic curtsy made my heart sing! Thank you Sarah!
Sarah Ellen—thank you so much for sharing! You’re reminding me of the cosmic curtsy … it’s been so long since I’ve incorporated that into my classes. I will add in this week! Wishing you a beautiful August and hope to practice together soon!
Sarah Beston, you are the best un! I come back to this series again and again. I have been going through a very iyengar and yin phase and thought I might be moving away from vinyasa, but have fallen in love with flow all over again. Thank you!
Hi Sarah, 

You constructed a fantastic practice for my body, entering the flow state, using more of the intrinsic muscles than ever before. There was just the right number of Vinyassas to counterpose the yin parts. (My best balance since I started yoga btw!) 

It is so much fun to practice yoga in these relaxed, fluid and energized states. The best part? The roll-ups. Such good rebounds. Thanks to Kate Smith for teaching me how to savor those! 

Best, David 
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