60 Minute Yoga Flows: Spacious Flow<br>Sarah Beston

60 Minute Yoga Flows: Spacious Flow
Sarah Beston

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Sarah Beston
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Gabriel - you’re so welcome! Glad you took it slow!
Pamela Macht
Sarah-thanks so much for your expertly crafted and beautifully demonstrated yoga flows. I’ve been doing them every day since I joined Yoga Anytime just over a week or so ago when my yoga studio closed due to Covid-19. Looking forward to all your future videos!  
Christel B
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I can always count on a solid basic flow with you including all the right cues emanating from your gentle voice.  Thank you for another lovely flow.
Sarah Beston
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Hi Pamela! So nice to meet you online and I’m happy to be practicing together here. Stay close and let me know how your Yoga Anytime journey is going. All of the studios I teach at normally have shut down as well. Feel so lucky to continue to connect online! 🙏
Sarah Beston
Dear Christel, so nice to be practicing with you here and glad this practice was a good one for you! Stay well 💕
Suzanne L
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I shared this practice with my Saturday morning yoga friends  who are all Staying Home out of respect for the rest of the world.  This class is so similar to our Saturday classes.  I felt like I was at the studio.  Lovely!  Namaste!

Sarah Beston
Dear Suzanne, I love that! Thank you so much for sharing and glad you felt like you were at the studio for a bit. Happy to be together practicing online, especially at this time. Warmly, Sarah
Brian M
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Excellent practice! Thanks so much!!
Sarah Beston
Thanks so much for practicing with me here, Brian! All the very best, Sarah
Charity Safford
I LOVE these classes, Sarah - thank you so much. Keeping me grounded at a very hectic time. Cheers
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