Move to Meditate: Subtle & Grounded
Nuria Reed

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This practice had some very challenging moments in it for me...and yet, your calm approach helped me to just relax into the challenges and even have fun with them 🥳! There were lots of interesting bits sprinkled throughout that I won’t spoil here...but let’s just say there was a lot packed into this 40 minutes and I enjoyed every bit of it! ✨✨✨
Thanks for a lovely practice today. Namaste.
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Hi Nuria thanks for the lovely and challenging class. for the spinal / hip flossing, what sensations should we be looking out for and in which areas specifically? 
Hey Wenlin Tan! It's a floss for the sciatic nerve so you may feel sensation anywhere from the upper back hip all the way down the outer leg. The sensation will vary depending on the person. If you are quite open it may not feel much. If you're quite tight in the fascia along the outer leg/back hip the sensation may be quite strong. Look for a nice light "burn", no sharp shooting pain of course!  Have fun. x

Ahhh yes! Jenny , this is fun flow... one of my favorites from the series. x
Christel Namaste to you dear one. 🌙
Another totally amazing unique class. Thank you for a wonderful experience. 
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I am really enjoying your classes Nuria. It is so refreshing not do 1000 Sun Sals and Chatas. Your practices ignite a fire and I'm exploring and opening places long neglected. I've also never enjoyed meditation so much. 

I hope we see more classes just like this from you soon. Maybe just little longer as well? 

Thank you for your gift of teaching. Metta! 
Diane So sweet to "practice" with you!
Brandi Why thank you for appreciating the sequences I created! I too have Sun Salutation and Chaturanga "fatigue" 😂and it's nice to hear the practices are working for you. 
It would be really fun to do some longer classes with longer sits...we shall see! 
In the between, thanks for being here. 

x nuria
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