Summer Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Elemental Dance<br>Melina Meza

Summer Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Elemental Dance
Melina Meza

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Jennifer E
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Loved this 5 day program!! Thank you so much, Melina! Happy Summer!!
Melina Meza
Happy Summer to you too! Thanks so much for doing the challenge and being on YogaAnytime.  I hope these become regular sequences for your home practice, especially if you live some place HOT! Wishing you much health.
Elissa P
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Loved this class. Masterful! Thank you Melina! I look forward to the Fall one too. 
Kate M
Thank you for this challenge, Melina! Be well!!
Melina Meza
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Thank YOU both for watching, wishing you much health and ease for the summer season.
Marina N
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Love you und love this challenge❤️
Michelle F
Many thanks Melina,
Really enjoyed this  cooling wee series and look forward to joining you again in September
Have a beautiful summer!
Sarah J
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Thank you Melina this practice/series has been wonderful, I’ve got so much inspiration from practising with you the last 5 days. Can’t wait to get your book and learn some more xxx
Melina Meza
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Thanks for the kind words. I hope these practices get even better with repetition and that they keep you inspired and cool during the hot season. The book is a great tool to walk you through a year of self-care practices inspired by yoga and Ayurveda. Keep me posted on what new practices you're enjoying!
Thank you Melina, I really look forward to the autumn season!
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