Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Harvest
Melina Meza

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Thank you so much! I absolutely enjoyed this series. Love your tips on nourishment for mind and body. Have a wonderful Fall 🍁
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Thank you Melina for sharing your knowledge and beautiful spirit in this series.  When looking for "something grateful  that someone has done for me" during a grateful meditation practice... I only have to look at this series. Namaste.
Thank you both for the sweetest comments! I'm so grateful to get to share what I love with YogaAnytime and with you all! Wishing you both much health in the seasons ahead.
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Thank you for this series.  As wonderful as the summer challenge.  I hope you will do a winter challenge.

Howard and I send our love.
Thanks for participating in the challenge! We are indeed hosting a winter challenge, it should be release right around the winter solstice 12/21. Keep your eye out for the Yoga Anytime notifications. Take care!
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Thank you Melina. This has been a wonderful experience and introduction into Ayurveda. 
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I'm so happy to hear that Diane! If you like this topic, please check out the short Ayurveda/seasonal presentations I have in Seasons 1-3. Take care and the Winter Challenge will start December 21!
I'm grateful that I had the chance to participate in this 5 day Fall Ayurveda challenge. It was very enlightening! ~ Namaste  
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Hi, Melina, I’ve got totally and absolutely I loved with your practice. Not only it’s nourished me and calmed down, it helped me to clean my lungs and I suggest it everyone who has any type of respiratory illness or COPD, etc to use it as a daily practice to drenage all the mucus and infection that might be accumulating in the non breathing parts of lungs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ❤️ 🙏
Hi Olga ~What a gift to hear these practices have been so beneficial for your body, mind and LUNGS!  I hope you keep coming to these and continue to grow healthier in the seasons ahead.
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