Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Breath, Bandhas, Bones
Melina Meza

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That strap work gave such enormous satisfaction and feeling of ease and I hope I've got that sensation safely stored in the memory bank and will try to tap into even when practising without the strap. Truly eye opening!
Loved this practice.  Could you offer some cues for how not to  hyper-extend your knees when adding the strap to the standing poses for hypermobile people?  I try to be cognizant of it - but not always sure I am doing the  what is right for me.  Thank you!
Hello  ~ I was using a borrowed strap an it looks like one of the 10 ft. long ones. If only have a 6 ft. strap, I can see how that would not be long enough for many humans! If you have the opportunity to find a 10 ft. strap, please consider trying all the strap loop poses again. ( :
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Hi Kara ~ If I could see you I might have different ideas on how to help you avoid hyper-extending your knees. In general, I like to encourage folks like you who KNOW they hyper-extend, to always keep a little bend in their knees and engage the muscles above and below your knee as often as possible. At the beginning of each standing pose you might also try going between hyper-extending and super bent leg to find where the middle path is in that moment and stay there for as long as possible. I hope that helps or gives you some ideas to explore when you do standing poses.
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I loved the work with the strap! I felt very safe and held. I had to pause the show because I wanted to stay in the forward bend with blocks tucked into hips, and then again in boat pose. Thank you so much Melinda.
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Hi again Melina,
I enjoyed this practice so much when I first did it that it came to mind this morning as an ideal prep for going back to work tomorrow after these strange six months - the strap work was even more wonderful than I remembered and the saying no boundaries thing is going to be crucial- so thanks once again.
Have a great week!
Best wishes to you Michelle in heading back to work and folding the boundaries practice into your life beyond the mat! Be safe and I keep in touch.
I’ve just love the class. Thank you so much. Feel calm and strong and my body feel open. I enjoyed series of yoga pose with the straps. It’s a great challenge. After 5 days what class do you recommend in the yoga anytime channel : a special show that it goes well after that
Hello Cherhine ~ Thanks for turning into the challenge and know its okay to watch it more than once so the movements become more familiar and grounding. If you like my "style" then look for the Air/Space Element for Fall themed classes within my Yoga for Our Nature channel. Lets see if you find what you're looking for there. ( :
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What a beautiful practice again, using all those props made this practice so grounding and nourishing! Thank you Melina, much love
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