Dynamic Flow: Inner Motivation Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Wow, I'm glistening head to toe. 
With gratitude, Nam
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Loved this practise. Thank you.
With gratitude for you Nam T  - nice and sweaty practice, love it! 
So happy you enjoyed this practice Katrina F !! 
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You always remind me why it's great to get back to the mat. Another amazing workout. Thanks, Robert. Grateful. 
Hi hi Louise O !! Hardest part sometimes is getting to the mat - once there it doesn't take long to become reminded why it's so important and necessary  :)) Thanks for letting me/us know how you're doing! 
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HI Robert! My husband is an avid follower of your practices and now I am too! I LOVED this session! Yes tough and challenging but your cues are fab and it all seems so fluid the hour passed by so quickly. I felt amazing the next day after this particular session so I plan to do it again in the next few days. Love your style and chilled out realistic attitude to Yoga. Very reassuring and supportive - Yay !!!
Thanks so much for this comment LOUISE F !! I'm so happy you and your husband are enjoying these classes - say hello to him for me :)  I know that 'felt amazing the next day'  feeling you speak of,  I too am a fan of that feeling, awesome when you feel the hard work you put in. 'See' you soon and all my best to you both, Robert 
Hey there Corinne M ! How are you feeling? Did you revisit this practice?  Hope it felt good for you! 
Hi Lina S ! Nice to 'see' you! Agreed about the warrior 3 with fingers on ground - please feel free to use a block or anything that brings the ground higher. I'm glad the intention with breath resonates - YOU are definitely great!! :) 
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