Soulful Flow: Detoxifying Flow
Sarah Beston

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Detoxifying and calming, this was the perfect sunrise practice 🌅 Thank You and Namaste 🙏🏻
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Today I am feeling grateful for you, Sarah. These practices are the perfect medicine for me in these interesting days. Thank you. 
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I love that you practice at sunrise, Jenny! It’s my favorite time of day and practicing at that hour just feels so special. xo
Thank you so very much, Lori! I feel so grateful for you and the loving online community that is Yoga Anytime. So happy to be in this together. Xo
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Sarah, I needed a shift in energy today as I woke up heavy on this HOT October day. Your  practice really helped me release and lighten up. Thank you. PS: Hi Lori, I miss seeing you and chatting about life!!
Hi Julie! It's such a hot October day here as well! I am so glad that this practice helped shift your energy today and am happy to be practicing with you. Have a great weekend! (I'm tagging Lori so she can see your comment). xo
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Beautiful. I loved all the interesting transitions and the focus on twists. I feel nicely wrung!
So happy to hear, Ali. Nothing like a good twist to clear things out. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!
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Thank you for this beautiful practice—calm strong and energizing all together 🙏🏻💕
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You are just wonderful to practice with! I always feel centered in your guidance! Grateful for it!
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