Guided by Breath: Into the Breathing Body<br>Sadia  Bruce

Guided by Breath: Into the Breathing Body
Sadia Bruce

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Michelle F
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Hi Sadia,
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely practice - I feel soothed and energized and look forward to the next session with you!
Have a beautiful day
Jennifer E
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What a beautiful practice! Thank you so much! 
Jenny S
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Subtle, gorgeous and expansive. Feeling so thankful for this practice ❤️
Sandra Židan
Thanks for this practice, Sadia! Kind regards!
Julia F
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Beautiful practice. Thank you, Sadia!
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Dear Sadia, there were so many revelations during this practice. First ‘get weird’. Yes. Love it. Then ‘let the breath explore this shape you have made’. Oh my goodness. This has opened up a whole new world. The simplicity of just listening. And the collaboration between body and breath. I can’t wait to practice more with you. Thank you.
Zoe M
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Thank you Sadia. With love 💓 
Kate M
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This practice exploration resonates very deeply. Many thanks for this offering. Love.
Sadia Bruce
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Michelle Thank you kindly for sharing practice with me, and for your sweet words here! 
Sadia Bruce
Jennifer Thanks so very much! Am so glad you enjoyed!
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