Welcome to Your Breath: Breath and Prana<br>Kira Sloane

Welcome to Your Breath: Breath and Prana
Kira Sloane

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Jenny S
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This morning I rolled out of bed and right onto my mat for this practice (which I highly recommend). This simple, subtle exploration woke up my mind as well as my physical body. What a wonderful difference in just a few short minutes ✨✨✨✨
Kira Sloane
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Jenny S, LOVE!
Agnes Gerritsen
Wow, thank you Kira for practicing with and explaining prana. Looking forward to the next episode 🙏🏼
Kira Sloane
Sandra Židan
I loved this episode! Thanks, Kira!
Kira Sloane
Sandra Židan, so happy to hear!
Michelle F
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luminous legs - what´s not to like! 
loving these little explorations Kira, so great to practice along with you again!
Have a beautiful day!
Kira Sloane
Michelle F happy to be together!
Kate M
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You invite a deep dive with such gentle simplicity and love that it's irresistible.
Kira Sloane
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Kate M, YUM!
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