30 Minute Yoga Flows: Playful Flow<br>Lydia Zamorano

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Playful Flow
Lydia Zamorano

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David G-
Facts! That is what my HS students like to say when they hear their semblance of truth. Yes, love the edge, but need to get past some fears with arm balance moves. Will practice without guidance for better focus. “it’s my body…”  

Yoga is so many things for me. I went to a funeral tonight and childhood friends said I haven’t aged. We haven’t seen each other for 25 years! Didn’t feel that way before yoga. Seems like every yogi has this kind of story. I told them it was yoga that had given me better health. 

And thanks so much for the detailed response about posture. I love all of this met(t)a knowledge. Best, David 
Lydia Zamorano
David Goldstein Yoga has also supported me to feel both younger and a little wiser :) Fact! Grateful for your shares. Warmth, Lydia 
Sandra Židan
Nice and powerful practice! Thanks, Lydia! Namaste! ❤️
Lydia Zamorano
Sandra Židan Happy you enjoyed it Sandra! Wishing you a gentle and inspiring day! Warmth, Lydia 
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