Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Day 5: Seeing
Suniti Dernovsek

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This episode dove deep into the idea of sight and offered some inventive ways to explore one’s relation to seeing and how it moves the body. Very cool! But what I really loved was the way you pulled the other four senses along for the ride, making this a complete and satisfying final episode of this series. Thank you, Suniti - this has been divine 🙏🏻❤️🦋
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It's been nourishing to explore the senses on the mat with your lovely guidance. 
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Thank you Jenny S for practicing with me and going for this sensing journey. It's been wonderful to read your comments. Thank you! 
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Christel B, Wonderful! Thank you for moving through these classes with me.
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Thank you Suniti.  I enjoyed the innovation of your classes, allowing for exploration and more self generated movement.
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Suniti...I just completed your 1st and 2nd somatic series...and loved each session...Your gentle movements and voice felt caring and nourishing...I see the dancer in you! I also looked into a teacher that you mentioned...Michael Stone...I am enjoying his talks and meditations...and also The World Comes to is so sad to me that he is no longer here in person...It is so cool that his Community Library lives on...Thank YOU for being an inspiration to me...with love...Jane
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Jane T, Thank you for your share! It’s an honor to be here on yoga anytime and it’s sweet that we connected here! Michael Stone was a dear friend and his online library is such a gift. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I love that you moved through both of the series and felt nourished. 
Sending love! 
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I love and relate to all the other beautiful comments. Every session has been so powerful and this one with sight especially so as I usually practice with my eyes closed.  
Dissolving the resistance to open my eyes, I found them come alive and truly lead my body into some amazing spaces. Thank you as ever Suniti for your thoughtful, sensitive and delightful teaching.
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Julia P, What a beautiful share. Thank you for articulating some of your experience! I love that your eyes found some new ways to be included. 
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I did both your somatic series and loved every minute of it. Instead of getting somewhere to stay with the sense impressions is yummy. Your sensitivity and readiness to feel is liberating. Thank you for your refreshing classes.
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