Aligned and Awake: Rhythm and Bliss<br>Nathan Briner

Aligned and Awake: Rhythm and Bliss
Nathan Briner

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Jenny S
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I continue to be impressed with how wonderful these subtle concepts feel in my body. This Rhythm and Bliss class was perfectly titled. I feel at perfect ease in my skin - I even feel a little taller 😊!
Nathan Briner
Jenny S, that makes me so happy to hear!! It’s so tough to convey how wonderful the poses can feel when the body is working like a well tuned orchestra. You’ve found it! And the “music” just keeps getting better 🙏🙏
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I liked the rhythm metaphor - it made it easier to make more unpressured and holistic adjustments of the body. thanks v much. :)
Nathan Briner
Matthew, that is a perfect way to explain the rhythm experience: unpressured and holistic. Love it! 
Eric M
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Nathan Briner
Eric M, thank you sir :)
Julia P
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I enjoyed the simplicity and integrity of this practice. One thing flowed naturally into another, each extending on and balancing the last, with the perfect opening and closing postures. My 'body orchestra' feels finely tuned and happy! Thank you
Nathan Briner
Julia P 😊 Sounds like a wonderful session! 
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Thank you Nathan, this is wonderful teaching. I very much benefint from focusing on right side/left sid, forward/backward. You use the word rythem in a novel way. Usually it is connected to tempo. Now you connect it to feel in body/ perseption of tone of body. I will do this session many time. Thank you.
Nathan Briner
Charlotte, thank you so much :)
I love that you’re feeling the rhythm in your body. I can’t say from experience that this practice will go on feeling the more you use it. I hope to hear from you again and hear what you’re discovering! 
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