Beyond Binary: Cultivating Space<br>Miles Borrero

Beyond Binary: Cultivating Space
Miles Borrero

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Jenny S
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Ahhh…I wish this site had a “love” button. As always, your class was the perfect mix of mantra, movement and stillness. Feeling spacious and content….PS the “feathering” movement just before savasana was very cool 😎
Jenny S amazing! We gotta get in that button! Sooo glad you ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥! 🤗
Pamela  D
Nice practice. I like the pace which gives time to feel where your body is. Still can't get the mantras ... The om is indeed powerful, and that I can manage!
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Pamela D awesome, thanks! The mantras take time. It's ok to let them wash over you. They are a practice as much as everything else. Maybe I will offer a chant guide in the future for people who want to look at the words. Would that be helpful? Glad you enjoyed practice. 
Saige G
Thank you so much Miles for the really beautiful practice. You are a blessing. 
Saige G thanks so much sage! I’ve had really wonderful teachers. 🤗
Gina G
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Your practices are perfect! “No exceptions”❤️🧡💛💚💙
Gina G where's the love button on this thing???💜💜💜
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Super nice practice, with your guidance I could really find a new sense of spaciousness! And feathering my way into savasana is going to be my new favorite thing! Much love xoxoxo
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Katrin amazing! so glad you enjoyed. Yes, feathering is one of my all time favorites. 💜
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