Beyond Binary: Form and Space<br>Miles Borrero

Beyond Binary: Form and Space
Miles Borrero

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Jenny S
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Bowie!😍 Miles, your practices always fill my heart with joy…
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Jenny S yay! Thanks for being such a steady usual suspect! And who doesn’t love a little 🐺… 
Pamela  D
Hi Miles - another good practice! I'm looking forward to your next practice on balance, since that half moon pose you 'sneaked' in was VERY shaky for me! Keep chanting - it's growing on me :)
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Pamela D haha, yeah, that half moon can be a stinker! And watch out, before you know it you’ll be going to bed humming! 🤗
Mara P
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Thank you Miles! I’ve been away from yoga for awhile, and found myself smiling along with the shakes and creaks. Your voice and compassionate, lighthearted approach offered me soothing and invigoration.
Mara P welcome back! this made my heart smile. Thanks for making my day. I hope it is a soft and inspiring landing.

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Miles These classes are such a treasure! Only 30min and they have it all- corework, chanting, feel good moves and tricky transitions! And I love the appearance of your co-teacher!
Katrin he's really the mastermind behind it all, I'm his mouthpiece. hahaha! We are delighted that you are enjoying!🐺👨🏽‍🎤💜💜💜
Selva O
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I really love your classes! Thank you :)
Selva O Thanks Selva! Your name is beautiful. It means jungle in Spanish! 🤗
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