Yoga for Trauma: Vitality, I'm Still Here!
Kyra Haglund

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My three words: calm, content, brave. Thank you Kyra ❤️
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Thank you, Kyra and YogaAnytime; these new episodes have arrived at a time in my life where I really need them!
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Jennifer E Thank you for showing up, Jennifer.  I hope you know you are supported and not alone!
Great practice, Kyra! I feel better now! Regards!
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Thank you for this - better interested and hungry came to mind unbidden! 
This was so really usedful for me today -!
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Michelle F - interested and hungry *-* So good!  thanks for sharing, Michelle
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Presence and grounding - loved this practice, which reminded me a lot of Qi Gong?
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My words were energy and centered. I love when my practice gives me both! Thanks Kyra 
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Thank you! I am a therapist and a yoga teacher, too. This was great! :)
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My words were vitality, hope, joy. Grateful you are sharing your wisdom with us again Kyra 💖
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