20 Minute Yoga Flows: Fluid Spine Flow
Sarah Beston

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This is my first class after joining yoga anytime and I am loving it! Thank you!
So happy to hear that this was a grounding practice for you, Shawn! Happy to be practicing with you here. Stay close and let me know how future practices go for you! Warmly, Sarah
Welcome, Alexandra O! I am so happy that we shared this first class together. Keep me posted on your journey here on Yoga Anytime! Warmly, Sarah
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Just what I needed after a busy day sitting on my bum! Thank you, Sarah! My spine and hips feel gooey relief! 🙏🏼 
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Grateful to you Sarah for a wonderful class and a great way to start my day! Namaste.
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So happy to be practicing with you and collaborating with you here, Elizabeth M! Thanks for sharing and hope to practice together soon!
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Grateful to be practicing with you here, Diane C! Wishing you a lovely holiday season!
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That, Sarah ,is a great flow.... so well put together.... Thanks...
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Love, love, love - thank you Sarah!
So glad that you enjoyed it, Tracy C! Hope your having a wonderful start to the year! Warm regards, Sarah
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