On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Levity<br>Sadia Bruce

On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Levity
Sadia Bruce

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Tracy S
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Thank you! Sadia for a wild New Year's Day Challenge. Taking flight into 2022 was a great way to start my year. Peace and Light!  Tracy Strickland :)
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loved the blend of clear instruction and levity. made my hopping and straining to attain flight easier to accept! :)
Lina S
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It was fun. That reminds me to practice more often some poses. I haven't done bird of paradise and flying pigeon for a long time
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I find the instructions super hard to follow and this constant referring to me as a “friend” kind of annoying… there was little levity for me, unfortunately, but I appreciate the beauty of Sadia’s movements.
Sadia Bruce
Juval Interesting take. 30 minutes doesn't leave a lot of room for the most thorough explication, but my clarity is my superpower. Note that this is a Level 2/3 class. Luckily, one of the gifts of my own practice is that I'm always thrilled to encounter new perspectives— even and especially when they oppose my own.

That which we would like to experience in the body— in this case levity— can and should also be cultivated in the heart and mind. Happy New Year and be well, friend. 
Kelly B
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I got the bind and bird of paradise for the first time today! And was able to laugh about how silly I looked I got sick and had to take a few days away (#thanksOmicron) and am very thankful to have this particular challenge to return to ❤️
Sadia Bruce
Kelly B So proud! (And glad you’re feeling better!) That laughter— that’s the sweetest fruit of the practice… 
Jenny S
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What a difference a couple of days has made for me…while doing episode 5 I was feeling tired and sluggish and thus incorporated props to ease me along (a great help!)…upon seeing today would be a 2/3 I got everything ready, and this time the difference was the “levity” factor. I still used props, but I felt a lightness that came with not taking things so seriously. Some postures willl never be achievable in this lifetime, but it’s okay and fun to give them a whirl anyway ❤️🕊
Lillian M
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I love this!!!!!!!!
Sadia Bruce
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Lillian M Fun, right?!
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