Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Essentials with a Twist<br>Rosemary Garrison

Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Essentials with a Twist
Rosemary Garrison

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Michelle F
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Hi Rosemary,
What a great gift to be able to practice with you as spring begins. 
Loved this wee wake up, great pace with just enough tricky challenges to stay totally focussed - your  tone as always encouraging and soothing.
Look forward to day 2
Have a wonderful day
Laura M
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I was not in a yoga mood, but I saw new episodes by Rosemary and had to do one. This was perfect, thank you so much!
Sally S
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Thank you. I appreciate your energy. However, 30 minutes is too short !
Jenny S
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Happy spring Rosemary! Always such a pleasure to practice with you 🌞 My biggest challenge here would be the peak pose, one that even in my youth was elusive to me. What I loved was that you provided encouragement to go only as far as felt good, and that was enough. This is a lesson I must constantly remind myself. I’m so looking forward to playing with my edge for the rest of this challenge! 🙏🏻❤️
Francesca Venturini
Hi Rosemary! I'm so glad to practice with you again! Hope the spring will be great for you and everybody here on the mat!
David G-
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Kudos to all my teachers for giving me the resources to show to this challenge. Not sure I will ever do bird of paradise, but I always get motivated for the vinyasas with your tempo and energy. Thank you! 
Kate M
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Such intelligent and elegant sequencing. And your kind and compassionate guidance... Thank you Rosemary : ) Love!
Catherine A
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Wonderful to have you back, Rosemary, with this new challenge! Really enjoyed this class & looking forward to Day 2 ❤ ! Many thanks as always .....
Peggy L
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wonderful practice! Thank you :).

Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Michelle F ! And Happy Springtime! I'm glad you enjoyed the pace and the tricky challenges. ; ) I am so grateful to share the practice with you. Enjoy the rest of the challenge! And let me know how you feel at the end. Be well. 
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