20 Minute Yoga Flows: Repeat and Reflect<br>Bex Urban

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Repeat and Reflect
Bex Urban

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Robin J
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Rebecca this is both a relaxing end invigorating practice thanks so much xo robin
Rebecca Urban
Robin J way to keep up the practicexo
Glenford N
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Lovely practice, Bec. I particularly liked tne Arthur Ashe quote. He's one of my all time heroes and I met him many years ago. Namaste.
Rebecca Urban
Glenford N my hero too!!! Xox
Kare H
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Thanks, Bex. Good to be in class with you again!
Rebecca Urban
Kare H wonderful to know you are practicing. Sending you peace and love!
Sandra Židan
Interesting practice! Thanks, Bex! Regards! 💝
Christel B
Hi Bex, you were saying you'd check in with your toes to see if they're gripping.  Do you want them to or not? Just curious. Nice flow.
Rebecca Urban
Christel B I want my toes to be soft and connected, no grip!
Rebecca Urban
Sandra Židan thanks, hopefully it felt wonderful for you!
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