Too Tight to Stretch: Stand Tall<br>Kari Sims Anthon

Too Tight to Stretch: Stand Tall
Kari Sims Anthon

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loved the tip to use the whole loop behind the head for the hamstring stretch - really great to do it in a way to allow the arms to be free. thanks Kari. :)
Kari Sims Anthon
Matthew thanks so much for joining me! I am so happy that you enjoyed this variation, another tool for your tool belt! 
Jenny S
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Prop Lovers Unite! This was a gentle and effective stretch from top to bottom. The blocks and strap give such a nice boost to the poses…thank you Kari! ❤️🙏🏻
Kari Sims Anthon
Jenny S yes, please bring on ALL the props! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to practicing together again!
Lina S
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I've learned a new way to stretch the IT band! Thank you!
Kari Sims Anthon
Lina S Yippe! Thanks so much for joining me! 
Rachel H
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That was amazing. The psoas muscle released and lengthened beautifully after the last stretch with the belt. The slow controlled release of the leg to the earth facilitated the release of the psoas muscle and the hip and the deep space inside the buttock with ease.. Thank you Kari.
Kari Sims Anthon
Rachel H I am so glad that you enjoyed it and found some release! Thanks so much for joining me ;)
Erin C
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This was an incredible way to end the day of sitting and unwind for the transition to evening! super yummy class, Kari!
Kari Sims Anthon
Erin C thanks so much for joining me online! I wish you peaceful rest. 
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