Yoga for Back Pain: Low Back Strength<br>Hattie Bluestone

Yoga for Back Pain: Low Back Strength
Hattie Bluestone

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Fabian H
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Love this practice :))
Jenny S
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This practice brought a lovely feeling of warmth and nurturing to my lower back. What a nice way to start the day…🌅❤️🙏🏻
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Hattie, for this lovely practice! I've enjoyed doing it! Namaste! 💗🌹🌼💜
David G-
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Loved this class too! Namaste! 
Kate M
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Another little gem of a class. Clear cueing, intelligent progressions. Loved it.
Lea M
I so appreciate this practice.  I learned some wonderful poses and moves that I will continue practicing.
Nina G
Thanks Hattie - another great one in this series!
Dixon H
Thank you Hattie. This whole sequence is really helpful for my mischievous back. Greatly appreciate it.
Glenford N
I did this class before a Zoom meeting with a Hollywood director and felt cool, calm and collected. Strong back soft front wild heart. Thank you Hattie.
Pam H
Great after work practice! Thank you!
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