30 Minute Yoga Flows: Aligned and Neutral Flow<br>Sarah Beston

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Aligned and Neutral Flow
Sarah Beston

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Robin J
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Fabulous practice thanks Sarah
David G-
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Always good to practice with you. I see that you have Sunday Zoom classes. Would love to drop in. Best, David 
Sarah Beston
You're so welcome, Robin J! Thank you for practicing with me here—it's always a pleasure!
Sarah Beston
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David G- Thank for checking out the new season and happy to be practicing together. Drop in any time—would love that!
Ashley C
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Wonderful practice! Thank you Sarah! 🙏🏻
Sarah Beston
So wonderful to share this practice together, Ashley C! Thanks for sharing your experience.
Christina P
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Thank you Sarah; energising and at the same time soothing practice:)
Sarah Beston
Thank you for sharing your experience of the practice, Christina P! Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
Lina S
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I've enjoyed the balancing poses as well as the IT band stretch. A nice flowing class.
Sarah Beston
Thank you for sharing, Lina S. Personally, I love a good IT band stretch!
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