Yoga for Vitality: Breath and Balance<br>Patti Lewis

Yoga for Vitality: Breath and Balance
Patti Lewis

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Robin J
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Fabulous practice really enjoyed it
Patti Lewis
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Robin J I am so glad Robin!
Sandra Židan
Thank you very much, Patti, for this wonderful practice! I've enjoyed doing it! Namaste! 💝🌹💗❤️
Patti Lewis
Sandra Židan Thank you so much for the feedback Sandra, so glad you enjoyed it!
David G-
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Patti: Do you have meditation recordings? Practicing with you is very relaxing for my mind and body. 
Patti Lewis
David G- I don't have any as of now David.  That is a really great thing to hear, so thank you!
Kate M
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I really enjoyed this flow sequence. Felt so good! Thank you, Patti Lewis !
Patti Lewis
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Kate M Hooray! Thank you Kate.
Kerry N-W
beautiful voice and pacing. Thank you.
I'm curious about the idea if moving the front body into the back body. Is it more than pulling your belly in?
Can you say a bit more how it might feel or where my shoulders and blades might be to do this?

Patti Lewis
Kerry N-W Hi Kerry, it is more than pulling the belly in, we often forget about the ribs and the ribcage, but it is very subtle.  You might take some time lying on your back to start to notice the entire torso because gravity will be helpful.  Once you are on hands and knees or upright it becomes trickier! 
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