Keepin' it Real: The Everyday Class<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: The Everyday Class
Robert Sidoti

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Lea M
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Love the side planks, love your humor, love all of it. Thanks for this great practice.
Robert Sidoti
Awesome story David G-  - love that the pushups led you to your heart, I am a huge fan of pushups and had no idea of that specific power of them :)) Happy to know you found yoga, or yoga found you - either way it's a win for us all!! 
Robert Sidoti
Grateful for YOU Sharon O !! 
Robert Sidoti
Thanks Shawn M  - sounds like it worked well for you, appreciate you commenting here!! See you soon!! 
Robert Sidoti
hey there Wendie Heijmer-Arendse !! Nice to see you here! Hopefully you are still enjoying some warm summer days :)) 
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Tracy C  - You too have a good one!! Hope to see you again soon :)
Robert Sidoti
You are more than welcome Sandra Židan  - Namaste and big hugs to you!! 
Robert Sidoti
LOve your comments, always nice to see you here practicing with us all - so happy the practice worked for you!! 
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