Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Lengthen and Stabilize<br>Quamay Sams

Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Lengthen and Stabilize
Quamay Sams

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Anda Seale
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This was the first time I tried your class! It felt wonderful! Perfect stretching for my right hip and lower back. Happy Holidays! Thank you for sharing your practice! Sincerely, Anda
Caroline T
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I really enjoyed this. Your style suits me well. Thank you x
Kate M
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Thank you, Quamay : ) Nice to cultivate that awareness in the legs. Thanks for the guidance : )
Quamay S
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Anda Seale Ooph! Those are the spots! I'm very happy you had an opportunity to try class with me and I hope you felt supported and got what you needed. Enjoy the Holidays!
Quamay S
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Caroline T I am happy to hear that Caroline! I try my best to share from my heart and if it resonates I can only be grateful. You are very welcome! 
Quamay S
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Kate M Kate I get so happy when I see your name in these comments! I hope each day of the series is giving you a new experience and you connect to your SELF more and more each time you practice. Your gratitude gets me through and I appreciate you! Keep going :) 
Christel B
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slowing for a brief time focusing on the leg muscles with your guidance Quamay on this New Year Day.  All the Best for 2023 to you.
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Excellent practice and loved the bountiful background.  My lower back and hips are loving you right now !
Oana P
your vibe and sense of humour makes come back to the mat even after a hard day. thx .
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Quamay, for this great practice! I do feel my hips and legs after doing it! Namaste! 🌼🤗💙
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