Yoga for Mobility: Opposites Balance<br>Melina Meza

Yoga for Mobility: Opposites Balance
Melina Meza

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Diane C
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Wonderful and unique class. I particularly liked the asymmetrical  child's pose, and the lunge pose where we lifted and lowered. I found that quite challenging. Thank you.
Catha P
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Hi, Melina,
As usual, so refreshingly creative and fun. And, incorporating such important components of healthy living: Brain health and balance. Thanks for this! Catha
David G-
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Level 1? Ha ha. This built some heat, but it is a mind hacker:  whets the mental knife. Do you drive down to the set? Must be a beautiful trip. Planning off visiting some cycling friends in Marin in the future.  Is your studio open post-Covid? 
Paula H
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That's a practice to fire up your day! Loved all the cross-body work. I found the bent knee lift lunge move challenging...took a bit of grit for sure. 
Melina Meza
Thanks for the first round of comments everyone, so glad you're with me on this journey. Love  hearing that many of you are finding poses you love and a few that challenge a good way.
Melina Meza
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David, yes, Oakland isn't too far from the set and always work taking a break from the city to visit Ojai!!!
Christel B
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Love the assymetrical work.  Did get the dreaded hamstring cramp and immediately went to warrior three and was fine. Always look forward to your insightful class sharings.
Lina S
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Have you ever read or heard about the rebalancing of the two brain's hemispheres when crossing the midline or using the opposite arm and leg? I'm under the impression it works more than simply coordination. An interesting class!
Sandra Židan
Beautiful, creative and energizing practice at the same time! Thanks, Melina! Namaste! ❤️💖🌹
Pat Pao
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Loved this - love your creativity in the practice - thank you Melina

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