Yoga and Faith: Devotion<br>Angel Brownlee

Yoga and Faith: Devotion
Angel Brownlee

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Nancy K
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Angel B Thank you so much, Angel! ❤️ What a beautiful practice in devotion! This has been a wonderful reprieve from the busy weekday hustle! Nancy Kidd-Weyenberg
Deb H
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Than you Angel! My theme for 2023 is devotion, and so I started the new year with this practice on January 1. Thank you for this series, and introducing me to Yin. What a wonderful way to begin as you mean to go on.
Angel B
Nancy K So wonderful to know you enjoyed the Devotion practice! Wishing you and Clyde a blessed 2023! xoxoAngel
Angel B
Deb H Absolutely! What an honor to be introducing you to Yin.  I remember many years ago learning Yin from Kira and since then it has been a game changer in the best way.  Wishing you many "aha" treasures as you explore Devotion in 2023.  Beautiful! xoxoAngel
Donna B
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I just discovered Angel and her classes here yesterday and they are now my favourite. I hope you post more Angel.
Angel B
Donna B fantastic! 🪷💕That is a wonderful compliment. So glad to meet you here and know you are enjoying the classes. Xoxo Angel
Nadine R
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I feel so relaxed after doing this calls thank u
Angel B
Nadine R I am soooo happy to hear that dear one! Hope you have a beautiful day! xoxoAngel
Nadine R
Thank you Angel…….I love this practice!
Nadine R
Great class!
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