Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Give Your Hands a Hand<br>Quamay Sams

Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Give Your Hands a Hand
Quamay Sams

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Francesca Venturini
I really enjoyed the challenge. Waiting  for more to come in this new Year!!! Thank you!!
Lina S
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I've enjoyed the wrist stretches as well as the Warrior 2 with the  feeling of stretching out through the arms.
Catherine A
So enjoyed the 10 days with you Quamay and with everyone practicing along. Especially appreciated the focus on alignment in each session and your thoughtful cues and good-humored guidance throughout the challenge. A great way to start my 2023 yoga journey Looking forward to seeing you again in the months ahead.  Many thanks and best regards Xxx 
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Quamay, thank you for your teaching, guidance and creativity over the course of this challenge. I will re-practice with these episodes again and again. Wishing you and all of us a peaceful , prosperous, united 2023.
Kate M
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I laughed and smiled through this sweet practice, Quamay : ) "Going if you're flowing!" I feel light, buoyant - happy : ) Thank you so much! 
Sally S
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Thank you for this challenge. It was great and you have such good, positive energy. Maybe the next challenge can be a bit longer in order to get a bit deeper into the poses and have a bit longer Savasana. 
Aurora del Villar
Thank you thank you, thank you. Really enjoyed the challenge. Greetings from Mexico City and happy new year Namaste
Jenny S
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Day 10 ✨✨✨I really love the words you used to describe this journey we’ve all been on (I won’t spoil it). For me, learned some very beneficial techniques and enjoyed every moment of it. I wish you peace and prosperity in the coming year Quamay, and the same for everyone at Yoga Anytime and all who practice here 🙏🏻❤️
Eric M
Thank you Quamay S - I feel like I’ve got a lot out of this 10 day challenge. Namaste.
Lauri K
🙏❤️ great classes
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