30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga: Air: The Breeze of Your Breath<br>Shelley Williams

30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga: Air: The Breeze of Your Breath
Shelley Williams

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Jenny S
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I loved everything about this Air ptactice, including the color of your “yoga costume” (shout out to Kira 😉) this was so freeing - playing in balance postures in between the two mind-expanding pranayama practices was just the perfect way to brighten the day! Thank you Shelley ✨🙌❤️
Christel B
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Wonderful flowing practice indeed!
Catherine A
A super wonderful flow , Shelley. A lot of wobbling went on here especially in Marichyasana, but it was very freeing and airy overall and most enjoyable. Many thanks ❤️
Francesca Venturini
This show was just lovely! Wishing you a beautiful spring season full of energy, for your amazing job and for your family! Thank you for the positive energy you spread around the world!!!
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Shelley, for this beautiful practice! I loved the breathwork part in it- it made me feel better! Namaste! ❤️🌷🌼☀️
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great stuff - unlike catherine though i didnt even get off the floor to experience a wobble with marichyasana! definitely needs work. :)
Shelley Williams
Jenny S What a lovely response, thank you so very much! It felt so different filming this in front of the open doors with the crisp air and scent of the orchard... pure magic! Glad some of it translated to you!!
Shelley Williams
Christel B Thank you Christel...something about being in a place with wide open spaces (but you know that) sending Aloha vibes across the air waves
Shelley Williams
Catherine A Embrace the wobble! It's a great feeling when we do, and the direct connection/ opportunity to feel and relate to the air and space around us!
Shelley Williams
Francesca Venturini Thank you so very much for the Spring blessings and wishes. It is here, and we are seeing the blossoms and baby leaves sprouting up everywhere in our little garden.  So happy to know you found these practices empowering and enjoyable! 
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