Keepin' it Real: Kick Start Your Day Shortie<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Kick Start Your Day Shortie
Robert Sidoti

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Lea M
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This was a perfect practice for me today.  Thank you, Robert!
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Robert, for this beautiful short practice! Namaste! 🥰
Laura M
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beautifull! thanks!!
Christel B
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Great way to meet the morning!
An Y
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Your practices are the best candy shop ever. You have very powerful classes, core focused classes, chilled classes, fun classes, and etc. I don't have to wonder around find someone else. Thank you for the buttery yummy class. 
Jamie N
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One of my new favorites classes!
Tina Anderson
That was a delicious slow juicy flow. Thank you Robert. I sent it to two friends also. Many thanks and Namaste 🙏 
Robert Sidoti
Thank you Lea M  - I’m so happy it felt like a good practice for you - I always appreciate the comments and feedback - Happy Summer!! 
Robert Sidoti
Thanks and so good to see you here Sandra Židan  - Have a great day!! 
Robert Sidoti
My pleasure Laura M  - glad you are here and enjoyed!! 🙏🏽☀️
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