Keepin' it Real: Groovy Moon Salutations<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Groovy Moon Salutations
Robert Sidoti

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Jenny S
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Great class Robert! Definitely feeling “groovy” now ✌️☮️ ! I’ve come to look forward to Mondays in anticipation of each new class from you. This season flew by too quickly! Thank you for these teachings and have a great summer!🙏🏻❤️
Fabian H
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Love this practice:))
Lina S
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Perfect duration and pace. I'm grieving the loss of my cat (10 years of unconditional love) and this practice is soothing.
Matilda P
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Thank you. today was very hard day for  me, very hard. I need very strong practice, a need total ultra strong practice so i took two of your practises - 60 and 35 min  and after this I took this one. And this was total perfect reset for me. Very useful, and in the end very calming too. Thank you 🧘‍♂️
Corinne M
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Just what I needed today! Great class.
Jocelyn M
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Hi, Robert - I'm a big fan of yours and of Keeping It Real. Thanks for these new practices - I enjoyed this one. I am age 61, doing yoga since age 44. I'm still at a beginner level - no crow pose, no wheel pose - but I do yoga 5 times per week and really appreciate all the Yoga Anytime has to offer. Keep up the groovy work!
Robert Sidoti
My friend Jenny S  - Thanks as always for practicing with me/us here, for your positive comments and sharings - I appreciate you! I enjoy creating and sharing with you all - Who knows, maybe we'll see another Season soon - until then, you too enjoy your New England summer and be well!! 
Robert Sidoti
Groooooovy my friend Fabian H  - so happy you liked this one - these Moon salutations have become a fave of mine - Happy Summer! 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Lina S  - I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat. I am a huge fan of cats, I get how close we can become with them, sad to see them go :(  When I was around 7/8 years old, my cat had a full liter of babies in my bed while I was sleeping :)  I'm glad this practice was soothing and helpful for you.  All my best, Robert 
Robert Sidoti
So sorry to hear about your hard day, I hope by now you're feeling better? Sounds like you really needed a lot of exercise/yoga to burn through the hard day, sometimes challenging exercise and a good sweat can be very helpful! 
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