Enliven Your Senses: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Journey Through the Senses<br>Sarah Beston

Enliven Your Senses: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Journey Through the Senses
Sarah Beston

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Carol W
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This was an excellent challenge to open all our channels to our senses. Thank you, Sarah!
Jenny S
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Thank YOU Sarah, for this challenge for the senses, that to me felt like a special gift or treat to look forward to each day ❤️ love, love, love to you and YA 🙏🏻✨
M Angela C
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Thank you Sarah  for sharing these practices and for the additional teachings  you  provided throughout the 7 day journey.  I  am certain to return to this challenge especially when  I find myself ‘speeding through life.”   This challenge was certainly the gift that keeps on giving. Many thanks 🙏.
Sarah Beston
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I am so happy to hear that, Carol W! I had a lot of fun creating these sequences and it was fresh off of a retreat with one of my dear teachers, David Whyte, so I was feeling really inspired. Thank you for practicing with me.
Sarah Beston
I am so happy to share this challenge with you, Jenny S! You've inspired me to tune back in and revisit some of these practices. I am so grateful to be part of this community with you. Much love, Sarah
Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the challenge, M Angela C! It was so fun to pull these practices together and I am happy that we get to share them together here on yoga anytime! Warmly, Sarah
Catherine A
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Loved the focus of each day of the challenge, Sarah! The pace was just perfect and put a stop to me simply flitting  blithely from pose to pose 😃! Look forward to joining you again soon and I will happily revisit these classes meantime..... 💖 
Charlotte M
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So beautiful and just perfect timing for me. I feel so connected and open,, thank you SO much!
Francesca Venturini
Dear Sarah, being a teacher like you I treasure the moment I can step on the mat and became one of your student. For me it's a Gift I honor every time I can. Thank you so much Sarah!!
Christel B
Thank you for offering these seven days of flow.  As always , I enjoyed participating in a series led by you. You have a gentle style and always offer us alternatives to meet us where we will find success in the asana. Much love, Christel
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