30-Minute Vinyasa Yoga: Flow in Gratitude<br>Lara Estrada

30-Minute Vinyasa Yoga: Flow in Gratitude
Lara Estrada

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Jenny S
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One of those days where I almost skipped doing a physical yoga practice as I’m a bit under the weather…but I saw in the description that this class has a slower pace, and the theme is ‘Gratitude’ so I went for it.  I’m so thankful for this choice and this practice today!  I’m feeling quite a bit better having moved my body and opening up the stuck energy…loved it 🙏🏻❤️
Lara E
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Jenny S grateful that you took this class and that it helped you feel better today.
Christel B
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Thank you for your gratifying flow with your gentle, detailed guidance. Namaste
Lara E
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Christel B Thank you for practicing with me! Glad you enjoyed :)
Kate M
Lovely flow. Thank you,Lara E !
Haunani C
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I was about to cancel my subscription and saw your new classes and thought...hmmm, maybe I'll take one more class.  So happy I did.  Will not be cancelling my subscription to take more of your classes.  
Lyn O
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What  DELIGHTFUL class for today. Thank you!
Lara E
Haunani C Wow I'm so honored! So glad you enjoyed my class. Thank you for practicing with me. 
Lara E
Lyn O Glad you enjoyed Lyn!! 
Kit & Dee Dee
Thank you. Great way to start the day.
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