Freedom Yoga Immersion: Freedom Yoga Practice, Day 2<br>Erich Schiffmann

Freedom Yoga Immersion: Freedom Yoga Practice, Day 2
Erich Schiffmann

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Doug G
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Exceptional Erich! Thank you so much. Great playlist, Great guidance, Great everything!! Om, Namaste, Peace _/\_
Erich Schiffmann
Thank you Doug :)))

Thank you Patdev :)))
Joanne W
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Dear Erich, I finished this with a great big smile on my face and immense gratitude for having found your teachings on this amazing internet.
Erich Schiffmann
Thank you very much, Joanne, I appreciate it :)))
Phuong E
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My yoga bliss formula:
Start out with guided meditation with Erich, 30 minutes silent meditation, Freedom yoga with Erich. 
Namaste, Erich.
Vibeke M
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Wow! This is so great! i have been teaching yoga for 5 years and without knowing it i have been teaching a bit of freedom yoga!! I only just discovered YogaAnytime and your freedom yoga. Lately i have been planning a workshop and one of the tunes coming up in my mind is one from "Dark side of the moon" "the great gig in the sky" and today i see your freedomyoga day 2 video and a tune from that same album is on your playlist, wow I love it! Also this way of teaching is weirdly familiar to me, It is also my truth.  How strange is that? I am glad to discover there are more people thinking "outside the box"  I too have been becoming more and more bored of doing another persons teaching, and tired of the same old routines, longing for change, and planning more and more "outside the box kind of sessions" wanting to attract students who want more than just asana,  who is not scared of feeling effects of freedom. Thank you for this immersion, it meant a lot discering this. 
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So nice to see you on here, vibeke! I'm glad to hear you're pulling so much from Erich and this immersion, what a gift!
Sarah N
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Sara S
The ripple is my heart
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