The Vinyasa Show: Grace Under Fire<br>Jessica Garay

The Vinyasa Show: Grace Under Fire
Jessica Garay

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Christy Li
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I love your humor, especially with the "fluffy bunny." :)
Jessica Garay
Thank YOU! Happy you enjoyed the offering :)
Rebecca Sophia S
Where is the "Love" button?
Lauri K
Great however one question. Because of the architecture of my ankle & foot bones (my identical twin sister's too) the last side plank bow pose is impossible to get my standing foot flat. Can you give me a modification without simplifying the pose.
Kira Sloane
Dearest Lauri, you two are so beautiful! You might try simply keeping the lower foot on the pinky edge? Jessica might have a different answer. Glad you are here. xok
Lauri K
Thank you. We just celebrated 58 in Aspen together. Yes the pinky edge is workable I just thought there might be a more stable option. Wish I could get that whole foot down.
Jessica Garay
Look at you two beauties! I agree with Kira. You can most definitely practice this on the pinky edge of the foot. The more important component is to access connection through your leg line so that you can use it's strength for steadiness. Keep a strong flex in the ankle, press through the foot and down into the ground so that you can feel the opposite reaction of lifting upwards to find the top foot and the bow bind. You can also try bending the bottom leg at the knee to see if you can get a little more space in the ankle that way. Hope this helps! And no worries about getting that foot down. It's all about being with you just as you are and loving it. xoxoxo - j
Lauri K
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Thank you
Hannah L
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First time taking your class, and loved it! I loved the flow and your delightful energy. :)
Jessica Garay
Thank you Hannah! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)
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