The Bhakti Show: Bhakti Flow<br>Julia Berkeley

The Bhakti Show: Bhakti Flow
Julia Berkeley

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Sherrie L
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Your calm, gentle flow just resonates with my soul and body. The whole energy of YogaAnytime really nourishes me. I feel as though I am receiving my yoga practice vs pushing (the word 'struggling' comes to mind) through my yoga practice.

Thank you!
Julia Berkeley
SO grateful to be able to share with you Sherrie, thank you for receiving!
with love, julia
Sarah P
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Great practice thanks Julie
Very calming and healing!!
Love and light, Sarah
Rachel G
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Thank you Julia, lovely flow. I am a new yogi and find your instructions and flow very achievable, peaceful and calming. Thank-you.
Julia Berkeley
So good to hear Rachel, happy to be on the path with you
Woranan D
it is very boring
Jenny S
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Really loving Bhakti! A lovely cerebral flow that left me feeling refreshed and blissful 🌅
Julia Berkeley
So great to hear your feedback Jenny... Blessings!
Beth F
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Hello Julia - thank you so much for this beautiful practice. The breath work is so powerful! I had to come back to do it again! I've been a Yoga Anytime member for several months now and you've been such a gentle guide for me as I've been getting back into yoga. Blessings to you - Beth
Julia Berkeley
Much love to you Beth
So happy for your return to the practices ... May they deeply nourish you.
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