Practice with Patricia: Maha Mudra<br>Patricia Sullivan

Practice with Patricia: Maha Mudra
Patricia Sullivan

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Patricia Sullivan
aloha zette, so sweet to know you're practicing with me. Love, P
Nigel K
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Beautiful, I found it so calming plus a new insight as to what our Yoga journey is. Thank you, Namaste
Patricia Sullivan
Nigel, I'm so glad you found new insight into our practice of yoga and hope it continues to light your way.
Phuong E
What a loving thing I did to practice with you.  Thank you for this peaceful journey.  Namaste. 
Patricia Sullivan
I'm so touched that you gave yourself the gift of my offering. Revel in it, tase the deep taste of it and allow the peace you feel to radiate out in great waves of benefit to all beings. Love, Patricia
Susan-Marie M
This was just what I was looking for and being familiar with the meditative mahamudra this practice is a Maha enhancement.  Thank you.[=]
Patricia Sullivan
Susan-Marie, I'm very happy to know you found this session a Maha enhancement to  your meditation with mahamudra. I like the pun too. Namaste!
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amazing practice ... thank you so much, I feel quiet like deep in the ocean !
Patricia Sullivan
Mmmm, deep ocean quiet. A great image and how delightful. Thank you so much for taking your practice to such depth. We all benefit. Namasté, Patricia
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