Yin Yoga: Begin to Yin
Kira Sloane

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a beautiful way to start my day, a gentle and love filled reminder to my hurried and harried ego to Be Still.
Great practice and loving the leggings!
Thank you Kim! Season 2 costumes are even more fun! ha! xok
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Karal, love. Happy to be together here.
I am so grateful for this beautiful practice and for your wonderful teaching. Thank you and bless you, Kira!
Dearest Kate, thank you for your kindness. xok
I feel so peaceful after your class. Thank you so much
This makes me happy, Cherhine. xok
A beautiful, relaxing, great way to ease back into the thing I love to do for myself most= yin yoga. Thanks Kira !
Really nice practice - I feel lovely and relaxed. Looking forward to the next practice.
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