Yin Yoga: Begin to Yin<br>Kira Sloane

Yin Yoga: Begin to Yin
Kira Sloane

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Kira Sloane
Katie W, 100 percent! You will be able to sense where and when a firmer surface might be useful. xok
Lorraine Marek
After surgery, I’m really enjoying the pace of this yin practice
Kira Sloane
Lorraine Marek, wishing you an easy and speedy recovery! xok
David G-
Hi Kira, 

Loved returning here. So much to learn from a YTT perspective now. Body thanked you for the recovery. 

Kira Sloane
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David G- Hey there David! Nice to see you again. - K
David G-
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Kira Sloane Thanks. I have been rocking the local yoga scene in Montclair (NJ). Cool town and lots of studios, but on-demand is often just as good or better. Dropping into Zoom with RG, LZ and SB has been life-changing. Any plans for another YA live class? Those Covid live recordings are awesome. 
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