30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Feel Inspired
Robert Sidoti

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My favorite Day so far! I greatly appreciate the starting "robot" position for the bridge - I could truly feel the difference and got so much more extension from the pose. Thanks!
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Day Three! Namaste Robert and everyone here :)
I am feeling much more grounded already and am deeply appreciating the opportunity of being present to myself without expectations, without competing or demanding too much from mu body. Taking it easy, slowly, at my natural pace and getting to know my true self. Thank you Robert. I feel deeply connected. You are great!
I flowed through this one effortlessly, as if my body knew exactly what to do without to much mental processing, I really enjoyed this. thank you Robert!
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I am loving this challenge. I am a yoga teacher, almost a decade. We have the same mannerisms and words. I connect with you perfectly. Just nice to have something short in the morning that is just for me. Thank you for giving this challenge. Namaste. Lisa
Maria, isn't that such a nice feeling? To be able to get out of the head and into the breath and body experience, so happy you shared this!
Hi Lisa! Welcome aboard! Sounds like I might really enjoy your class! Where are you located? It's nice when we can hook up with someone who's approach or language aligns and connects us back to ourselves. You are welcome and my pleasure!
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Thank you again Robert. The wonderful take-away in this class for me was being proud of myself, as you always encourage your students to acknowledge when we show up on the mat. What a grand gift to be proud in this way. The community is so inspiring so thank you to all for sharing a very precious part of yourselves. Lisa
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Who's got two thumbs and is excited about the next 27 days?
Lisa, such a sweet comment! So happy you are feeling connected to this group of awesome people! It's just such a great place to start the practice, acknowledge that you've showed up and be proud that you did and stoked with exactly where you are, things will shift as the challenge progresses!! Lot's of love!
Erika!! I've got 10 thumbs up and am super happy you've joined this!
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