30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Move Forward
Robert Sidoti

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Good job Sam! Crow is challenging for soooo many folks! Be patient and keep at it! Do what you can to enjoy the process and practice in 'getting there', that's where most of the fun can be had, especially when you 'safely' fall and learn how to get right back up! Suggestion could be to put a big pillow or fusion in front of you, soften the forward fall:))
Showing up is huuuuuge Michaela! Making the choice, realizing how powerful making choices can be, priorities!! Keep it up!
Augh! It's weeble wobble day. All I can say is...at least I showed up.
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I wonder if yogis fall into two distinct camps - those who are flexible and those who have the poise and strength to do a crow. I love to balance and am very flexible but crow still eludes me. Gahh! I will keep trying though. As always, Robert, your warmth and sense of humour makes this another very enjoyable practice. Thank you!
Hey there Sarah !! Yes, I'm sure those camps exist:) I'm always trying to offer sequences that offer a good balance between both camps. Crow can be very elusive even for the strongest, so don't let it get you down. I guarantee you'll find yourself in the pose someday when you least expect it:)
Thank you for being here with all of us! Have a great rest of your day and please continue to comment, I think others benefit from hearing about others experience here! With gratitude, Robert
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Hi Robert , I completed Day 10 and Day 11 buffered with a session of prayer. I felt relaxed and blissful going onto the mat for Day 11 and liked how you combined the warrior poses with downward dog. Clever. Warrior Three is a challenge but I enjoy trying to balance and finding that sweet spot of focus, strength and relaxation. Always a delight spending time on the mat with you my friend. Namaste.
Feelings mutual Glenford! Happy to provide something that brings you strength, Cali and connection within yourself!
It's refreshing to do the poses in a different sequence. It keeps me on my toes.
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Enjoyed the change of pace and different approach. The balance pose was tricky but could do The Crow. Namaste
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Robert Sidoti I have received instruction in the past that seated forward bends can be bad for your lower back. Can you provide some guidance on how to protect your lower back while doing the seated lower bend? Is it better to keep your back straight or for the little bit?
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