30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 14: Yogi Workout
Robert Sidoti

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Whooooo hoooooo Amie! Jump from squat to plank with a push-up and back to squat??!! Yeah! That's no easy move. Doesn't matter if it takes you 45 days, you are doing it and that's what counts. I know from experience, not having chronic illness:( but feeling general fatigue and laziness, that when I show up to yoga or gym or whatever, I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTERWARD! Yep, all caps:) Have a great day and keep on keeping on!
Good job Paige! That's what I love about the yoga practice, full body experience! Everything seems to get touched and worked and opened in all the right places! Well done for working through your initial underwhelming feeling!
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Great practice Robert I am really enjoying the sequences. I'm surprising myself! Looking forward to 15.
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Yoga burpees! Yay!
Yoga Burpees are my favorite Wendy!
Sounds like they are for you too? šŸ¤”
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This is my second time through the challenge-- love it and now I'm also doing it in the evenings with my wife. Love your energy and down-to-earthness. Would love to know if you ever come to Portland, OR!
Hi Luna, glad to know you're with us for a second round!! So much fun to do with a loved one as well, happy you and your wife do it together:) I've been to Eugene 2 times in the last 8 months or so for workshops, Portland is definitely on my radar! Heading to Santa Cruz to offer a retreat in December if you are interested:) Best to you and your wife, Robert
This one got me pumped. It's amazing to me how 20 min a day can make a huge difference. For instance, when I was in down dog and lifted my right foot up to meet my left, it was an easy movement - boom! Done! Whoa...I usually, or am used to, "helping" the one foot meet the other. No assistance needed today. Thank you for an awesome practice!
Hi Robert, I made it thru today, wow! I did it :) Tell me more about your retreat in Santa Cruz, it would be great to attend. Thank you!
Chrissy, congrats on Day 14!! Love to have you attend the retreat at 1440 Multiversity šŸ‘šŸ™šŸ½
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