30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 18: Test Your Balance
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
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Thank you, thank you. Feeling stronger everyday!
Look at you Amy, Day 18!! I really like this sequence, I'm going to have to practice this one tomorrow morning! See you soon Amy!
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Robert - I usually use a strap to do the hamstring stretching so that I can feel like I'm getting a full extension of the muscle. Some folks are pro strap others are not. Where do you stand?
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There is definitely something magical about doing yoga outdoors! If you're ever in New Zealand, you'll have to come and join me for my Free Yoga On The Beach over the Summer months. Anyway, thanks again. Love your work :)
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This is my favorite so far! Thank you!!
WooHoo! I had my balance on today! :) Question though, is the practice pace getting quicker? or could it be that I am slowing down? teh-he :) Really good session! thank you Robert! good day all.
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New setting! New shorts for Robert! New tricks! I love it. Namaste, Robert.
Dannette! I think whatever helps you feel awesome in a posture is good in my book! As well as help you feel supported and work in an area you wouldn't without the strap or prop... allllll good!!
Looking forward to a New Zealand adventure Shelley! Thanks for the link and kind words!!
Hey Molly!! Nice to hear from you!!
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