30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 18: Test Your Balance
Robert Sidoti

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Hey Molly!! Nice to hear from you!!
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Amy is right - I really am feeling stronger - many of the poses that I could not do at the beginning I can now. For example lowering from plank to cobra I used to kind of go splat now I lower myself down - true not as slowly as you but .... - really is feeling good. Thank you Robert. Onto day 19
No more 'splat' for you Sam! Nice and controlled on the lower down with all the new strength you have! Keep on keeping on my friend!
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hola robert - so cool to see outside the studio - on other videos ive sometimes (though not too often!) seen a train pass and wondered what was out there - you seemed particularly invigorated and enthusiastic in this session and i think it was contagious! really liked that wide legged plank - lovely practice thank you! onwards.....loveandpeacexxxx
I'm super proud of myself for showing up every day! Endless thanks and appreciation for bringing us this practice.
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Sunny Ca
Gotta love sunny Ca Chrissy :) ☀️
Still working on my balance but getting there. When I really tense my core muscles and allow my internal organs to droo , I can find the ease within a balancing pose. It's that combination of yielding and tems8ng all at once. Loved the outdoor effect, a reminder of the benefits of practicing in open beautiful spaces and the holistic experience. Namaste.
Loved the balance asanas. Lots of wobbling but getting better. Trying to find the sweet spot of grace and ease during the effort. Thanks Robert. Namaste.
Great sequence in this!   The 20 minutes flies by!
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