30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 27: Grounded Stretch
Robert Sidoti

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Crow from up in the perch... very interesting. I rewound a few times, will be doing this one again. Great practice today Robert. Only Three more... don't kill my Broga Buzz! I Love these.
really good, :) thank you! good day all.
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Loving this series so far. Thank you so much. This is really a great into to yoga. I can already feel the changes.
How's your 'buzz' Diane?!
Been working on the Crow pose?
Hey there Tim!! Thanks for your comment and for joining!
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I'm sad, too, that it's on to Day 28. YogaAnytime, how about a follow-up: a 45-day challenge with 30 minute practices? Led by Robert, of course.
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Erika! I love this idea! Thank you so much for being here! xokira (YA)
Heeeeeeey Erika! Enjoy the final countdown, so happy you've been with us all throughout! And I too love your idea:))
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I agree with Erika! I'm going to need another challenge with Robert please!
Sylvia!! Look at you at Day 27!
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